Tar Sands: an environmental disaster…

Have you heard of Tar Sands? 


This call to action is serious: I did not realize the amount of resources that are used and the amount of pollution created in the extraction of oil from tar sands. This plant in Alberta Canada uses 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day and as much water as a city of 2 million people. Every day this plant emits 36 million tons of carbon dioxide: as much as 1.3 million cars!

Another consideration is the danger of this pipe line leaking on its way to deliver oil to major cities in the US. The potential of damage is as huge as the damage that is being caused already! Do we need this oil so bad that it’s worth causing this much damage? I don’t!

Say NO to Tar Sands! Tell others about it and ask them to say NO to Tar Sands!



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