Are electric cars here to stay?

Seriously! how high do gas prices have to go for people to realize that this is a viable option? If there is no demand, there is no reason for car manufacturers to make them! Here is where we, the consumers “demand”:

… a vehicle that doesn’t spit out noxious fumes! OK, I have one, but sometimes its nice to have more than two wheels to lug groceries home!

… a vehicle that runs on an alternative source of energy! OK, electricity is made by burning coal but that can be changed to wind or sun or even hot air!

Plug In Carolina presents the South Carolina movie premiere of “Revenge of the Electric Car”.  the movie is an inspired sequel to “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

The event will take place at 7 pm, on Thurs Nov 3 at the Hippodrome Widescreen Cinema, downtown.  It is hailed as “Riveting and Highly Entertaining” by Vanity Fair…

I cant wait to see this movie and get a better idea of where we stand!


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