RecycleMania is here at MUSC

At MUSC,  over 400 tons of paper were recycled last year.  All the paper that is collected on the MUSC campus gets shredded in our own shredding truck. The vendor who buys this shredded paper sells it to a tissue paper manufacturer in Georgia. During the eight weeks of RecycleMania, please recycle all the paper that you can! Our goal is to score higher than last year in each category: last year we placed #9 in paper recycling, #18 in cardboard and 102 in plastic bottles and cans. Per capita recycling found us at #25 out of 363 schools. For more information on MUSC’s Recycling and Sustainability effort visit our website

RecycleMania runs from Feb 5 to March 31 and provides an incentive to engage our MUSC community in reducing waste and recycling in a fun and friendly way.  The competition helps create awareness of existing programs and is intended to instill lifelong sustainable habits for participants. For more information on the RecycleMania competition visit

RecycleMania question for week #1:
“Do you know how heavy a 23 gallon paper bin (grey slim jim with a green lid) can get when it’s full of magazines?”

The answer is 88 pounds.

Thank you to all who sent an answer! The winner was the person who had the closest guess: 80 pounds. Come to the recycling office to claim your prize. We are located in room 101 of PGI or 97 Jonathan Lucas street across from the ramp at Clinical Science Building.

RecycleMania question of the week #2:

“E-waste is collected at MUSC in several locations: in the hallway that leads to the main cafeteria there are three compartments for e-waste. What are the three categories?”

email your answer to for a chance to win a free meal ticket!


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