RecycleMania is here and a chance to win a prize!

outdoor bins

MUSC outdoor bins: notice the GOLD recycle symbol!








RecycleMania Question of the Week #4 – everyone gets a chance to win a prize!

Finding a recycling bin is not always easy. In our hurry to get rid of an empty bottle or can, many of us just opt for the nearest trash bin.  A lot of trash (like Styrofoam cups and food wrappers) ends up in the recycling bin for the same reason, especially in the outdoor recycling bins.

Have you noticed that we have very nice, solid, black iron bins just like the trash ones only they have a gold recycle symbol on the side and they say “bottles and cans only” on the top dome?

This week’s question is “How many outdoor recycle bins do you pass when you walk from Rutledge Tower to Ashley River Tower?”

If you don’t make it all the way, just say where you saw the bins and that will count as an answer!

Email your answer to for a chance to win a meal ticket that can be used at any MUSC cafeteria.

HINT: the MUSC outdoor recycling bins are black with gold lettering; notice the gold recycle symbol! Click here to see a picture so you know what you are looking for or go to and choose “bin selection” in the Recycle section.

So go out during your break, enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and see the new beds that are being planted.

RecycleMania is a friendly competition that encourages everyone to recycle more and creates awareness of existing programs on our campus. Remember to recycle as much as you can to see if MUSC can rank in the top ten recyclers in the nation! For more information on the RecycleMania competition:



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