RecycleMania Question of the Week #6

This week’s RecycleMania question:

  1. What day is Earth Day?
  2. What day is MUSC celebrating Earth Day this year?
  3. What day is the Charleston County Earth Day Festival?

Email your answer to for a chance to win a prize!

The answer to last week’s question is:

  1. The #4 bin is blue
  2. Items that can be recycled in it: Plastics #1-7, glass and steel.
Karina in Volunteer Services, Julie in the Diabetes Center, Eileen McLaughlin, Lynn Ann in Student Accounting, Peggy in 10 West, Debbie in E&F, Morganne in COM2014, Mary in Weight Management, Alison Mantini, Gail in Women’s Services, Julie, CHP, Heather in HR, Vanathi Vignesh, Molly, Dietetic Intern, Morey in Patient Accounting, Amanda in Respiratory Care your answers were correct. The winner of this week’s drawing was Julie. Congratulations and thank you all for participating

Remember to continue to recycle as much as you can to see if MUSC can rank in the top ten recyclers in the nation! RecycleMania is a friendly competition that encourages everyone to recycle more and creates awareness of existing programs on our campus. For our latest ranking click here


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