Where does MUSC recycle cardboard and paperboard? RecycleManiaWeek #7 Question

RecycleMania: recycle more and win a prize!

flattened cardboard

Flatten Cardboard

RecycleMania Question of the Week #7 – everyone gets a chance to win a prize!

RecycleMania is a friendly competition that encourages everyone to recycle more and creates awareness of existing programs on our campus.

Last year MUSC collected almost 300 tons of cardboard. Did you know that we are now collecting paper board along with the cardboard? MUSC has nine locations where cardboard is compacted, baled or just tossed into a dumpster for recycling. Housekeeping collects it daily/nightly and brings it to one of the recycling locations. Flattened cardboard and paperboard is a lot easier for them to carry and avoids trash collecting inside your box!

This week’s question is to find one of these nine locations! Email your answer to recycle@musc.edu to win a free prize of your choice!

Remember to recycle as much as you can to see if MUSC can rank in the top ten recyclers in the nation! For more information on the RecycleMania competition:





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